Keynotes, Firewalks, Dating Success After 40 and Finetooth Consulting

What an incredibly busy year this has been! I’ve been giving numerous keynote presentations about marketing and branding, hosting Firewalks to teach people how to stretch their comfort zone and overcome fears and we published a new book in February. I’ve also joined Ryan Shanks at Finetooth Consulting. We help financial advisors find a “match” when they decide to find another firm to work with/for.

Wow, when it rains it certainly pours, but that’s a good thing when we are showered with opportunities. A few months ago, I commented to a friend that I have some spare time to add some activity to my month and within weeks, the Universe replied. The keynote presentations on branding, SO WHAT, marketing, referrals and how to strengthen client relationships are keeping me flying around the country. Salespeople are so fired up to increase their business and improve their skills. Speaking with audiences of excited people inspires me  in a way that I can’t quite explain. When passion meets more passion, the energy level is unimaginable !

Nancy Michaels and I also published Dating Success After 40. It’s been on Amazon since February 14, 2014 and sales have been fantastic in both paperback and the Kindle version. Some of you may be wondering why two sales and marketing experts in business have published a book on dating. We did it because there are 40 million people registered with online dating sites in the USA and that definitely requires savvy sales and marketing. For 20 years, I’ve taught people how to create personal biographies, profiles, how to script exactly the message they want to share with others to grab their attention, target marketing and putting your best foot forward. All of those lessons apply to online dating also, because it’s a very crowded marketplace. If you want to stand out from the pack, you’d better be a whole lot better than average. Check out our new website:    We are here to help you succeed this year, so feel welcome to reach out to us.

Last year, I purchased a business that I’ve been directly involved in for 10 years. I now run Firewalks for sales people who want to stretch their comfort zone, move beyond their fears and be more successful than ever. Let’s face it, everything you want in life is just beyond your comfort zone. So, if you feel stuck and want to make progress, you’ve got to do something that propels you into forward progress. We’ve had more than 13,000 people walk across the 1200 degree coals in the last 15 years. It’s not an inspirational or motivational program, but it certainly is transformational! Call me if you’d like to host a Firewalk at your next corporate meeting.

Finetooth Consulting:  Yes, I’ve teamed with Ryan Shanks and his company to help financial advisors who are interested in finding a better company to work with and for. We are NOT aligned with any particular company but do have contracts with multiple firms who are actively searching for outstanding advisors. Our goal is like that of a Sports Agent representing a superstar athlete. We help them find a company that aligns with their values, goals and interests. If you’ve followed me on Facebook, then you know how I feel about living the life of your dreams. If you aren’t happy in life or your career, then we encourage you to make the changes necessary. Our highly experienced team at Finetooth are here to help find the exact team or company to expand your business with.

Pursue your goals with passion!  Call us when you need a partner to navigate to your goals.

All the Best ~